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Learn More About The Coliseum on Haywood Sports Bar and Grill

Our sports bar in Greenville, SC opened in October 2010. Since then, The Coliseum on Haywood Sports Bar and Grill has been a sports bar who stands behind all our menu items from our standard burgers and wings to our hand-crafted sandwiches and quesadillas. We also serve over 50 different beers and a wide selection of Wine and Liquor.

line of pool tables in bar

Your Greenville Destination for Sports Seven Nights a Week

We show all kinds of sports at The Coliseum. Our clientele gets pumped up for Monday Night Football, NASCAR, college basketball, and much more.   We’re the home of the Ohio State Buckeyes on Saturdays and the Cleveland Browns on Sundays.  You can watch those games on one of our 25 televisions. Maybe team sports aren’t your style, but you love shooting pool.  We have the best pool tables in town.  9 Diamond 7 footers, and 2 Diamond 9 footers.  We have NAPA singles on Monday, Along with NAPA teams on Tuesday and Wednesday. Ask about joining.

coliseum on haywood sports bar and grill bar top

Daily Events and Featured Spaces at The Coliseum

Besides our food and pool events, we’re also known for our Happy Hour. Our Happy Hours are in session Monday through Friday from 4 to 7 P.M., allowing you the perfect hang-out spot after work or for dinner and drinks with friends. If you’re especially interested in the relaxation aspect of The Coliseum on Haywood Sports Bar and Grill, our restaurant features a beautiful back deck area, ideal for couples, or groups of friends.  Screened in for rainstorms and/or Cold weather.

We’re Open Every Day from 11 A.M. Until 2 A.M.—Come See Us!

The Coliseum on Haywood Sports Bar and Grill strives to excel at all the elements you’d expect of a sports bar, and then some. We focus our energy on preparing the best food to go along with our laid-back atmosphere, complete with sports games every day. We’re open seven days a week, 365 days a year, so whenever you’re craving a burger and a good game, come on in! We’re happy to serve you and your friends and girlfriends whenever we can. Contact us today for more information about our events or menu.

Discover drinks, food and fun at The Coliseum