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Don’t Miss Any of the Action at The Coliseum!

You and your friends can catch your favorite sporting events like Monday Night Football, NFL, NBA, MLB, Golf, Tennis, Nascar, College Basketball & Football, Pool Tournaments, and Hoops Fever. All at Greenville’s nicest pool room!


Weekday Happy Hour

Monday-Friday 4pm-8pm


10 wings for $2.00, with a purchase of an alcoholic beverage

15 Wings and a Bucket of Beer

For $25.00 every day there's a football game

karaoke contest flyer


Old School Square Pizza $9

An old school classic! Two slices of pepperoni pizza served with ranch and your choice of fries or tots.

Bavarian Pretzel $9

A 10 oz. soft Bavarian pretzel served with a side of craft beer cheese for dipping.

Chips with Cheese and Salsa $8

Fresh, crispy tortilla chips served with craft beer cheese and salsa.

Fried Banana Peppers $8

Tangy banana peppers hand breaded and deep fried with ranch dressing.

Butt Rub Wings $12

A “Bakers” dozen of juicy wings tossed in our specialty blended dry rub served with ranch and your choice of fries or tots.

Fish Sandwich $10

Hand breaded tender white fish, lettuce, tomato and tartar sauce on a bun served with fries or tots.

Chili Cheese Fries or Tots $8

Crispy fries or tater tots topped with chili and craft beer cheese.

Discover drinks, food and fun at The Coliseum